Clear Up Acne Clinic

The toll acne takes on your self-esteem is painful and can leave behind both physical and emotional scars. Our Clear Up Acne Clinic is here to be a trusted solution for you. Strategic and individualized treatment plans will be used utilized and implemented through home-care and in-clinic treatments to control your acne. You will be given detailed guidance and instruction on how to care for your skin so you can achieve clear skin within 3-4 months and stay clear long after. Our system has a 92% success rate for individuals who follow the treatment plan (Most of the 8% fail due to non-compliance of home-care regimen).


Acne Consultation

$50 (valued at $100) | 60 minutes
Now offering Complimentary Consultations until November 15th

At your in-depth consultation, we will discuss what acne is and its causes. You will also learn about the foods, lifestyle choices, and other factors that affect acne-prone skin. Then we will conduct a skin analysis to identify the type of acne you have and develop a customized treatment plan personalized to your type.

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First Time Client Treatment

$150 (valued at $250) | 90 minutes
Special pricing valid through November 15th

Jump start your process to clear skin by coming in for your in-depth Acne Consultation and also recieve your first Clear Up Acne Treatment in the same session. Exact protocols will be determined by the customized treatment plan tailor made for you in your consultation.

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Please Note: The following Acne Treatments will not be performed without receiving an Acne Consultation first.

Clear Up Acne Treatment

60 min | $150
3 pack | $420
6 pack | $810

As you begin the journey to clear skin, you will come in for bi-weekly treatments. These will include deep exfoliation, extraction of existing acne impaction, a brightening or calming mask, 30 min Blue LED Light Therapy to safely and effectively destroy acne causing bacteria, and adjustments your homecare as necessary.

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LED Light Treatment with Celluma Panel

30 min | $50

Blue light is clinically proven and FDA approved for the treatment of acne while red light promotes healing and reduces inflammation. Adding LED treatments between your regular Acne Treatments will help to accelerate your results and possibly limit or reduce scarring. You can add this to your bi-weekly Acne Treatment.

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Clearly Maintained

45 min | $125
3 pack | $345
6 pack | $660

Once your acne is clear, you will then transition into our “Clearly Maintained” treatments to ensure you stay clear. These sessions include a professional deep exfoliation, extractions (if needed), and mask.

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Body Acne Treatment

30-45min | $160

Acne on the body is assessed the same way as on the face. We still test the skin for sensitivity and tolerance to products. Often, the back needs stronger products because the skin is thicker and less sensitive than on the face.

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Acne Laser Treatment

45 min | $170
3 pack | $480
6 pack | $930

By adding on acne laser treatments we can target the acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.

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