Acne Clinic

Your trusted solution to clear skin. 

The toll acne and rosacea take on your self-esteem is painful and can leave behind both physical and emotional scars. If you have been struggling with breakouts or rosacea, tried countless over the counter or even prescription medications but nothing has worked, this program is for you. We have a variety of treatments available from targeted product lines to laser services that will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!


Clinic Consultation

FREE | 45 minutes

At your in-depth consultation, you will learn about the foods, lifestyle choices, and other aggravating factors that may be contributing to your breakouts. A thorough health intake and skin analysis will determine your skin type, conditions, and sensitivities. Your skin will be cleansed and tested for product tolerance. Based on those results, you will be prescribed a custom home care regimen and given instructions on how to start using your products.

Acne Treatment

$135 | 30 to 45 minutes
Add LED | $25

Acne Treatments will not be performed without receiving an acne consultation first.

Each acne treatment will be customized and may include a combination of enzyme or acne peels, extractions of impacted lesions, and anti-bacterial high frequency. Your home care products will be adjusted as needed to prevent the skin from adapting and keep you on the path to clear skin.

Body Acne Treatment

$145 | 30 to 45 minutes

Acne on the body is assessed the same way as on the face. We still test the skin for sensitivity and tolerance to products. Often, the back needs stronger products because the skin is thicker and less sensitive than on the face.

Acne Rosacea Treatment

$135 | 30 to 45 minutes

Even though Acne Rosacea is not acne, it still responds to an anti-bacterial regimen much the same as acne. It usually clears up much more quickly than acne and will stay clear as long as product use is maintained. We educate you on food and environmental triggers that can make rosacea worse.

LED Light Treatment

$50 | 40 minutes

Blue light is clinically proven and FDA approved for the treatment of acne while red light promotes healing and reduces inflammation. Adding LED treatments between your regular Acne Treatments will help to accelerate your results and possibly limit or reduce scarring. You may also opt to add LED to your bi-weekly Acne Treatment.