Wholeness Center Spa | Enveloping Body Treatments

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Scrub away toxins.
Seal in hydration. 

Our body treatment sessions take you on a blissful journey to smooth skin. Through relaxing exfoliation and hydration applications, these services aim to remove excess skin cells, reinvigorate the muscles just under the surface of the skin, and lock in essential minerals for a refreshed body.  


Wrapsody in Wholeness

A full body thermal renewal featuring one of four specific intentional products. Luxuriate in a warm cocoon of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that penetrate your pores and nourish your skin. A final massage of product leaves you purified and refreshed. 

Wholeness Center Spa | Body Treatment Enhancements

Body Treatment Enhancements

Take your treatment session to the next level with these nourishing treatments for vibrant and revived eyes, hands and feet.