Wholeness Center Spa | Facials & Skincare


Enjoy the experience.
Delight in the results. 

Our facial offerings are always tailor-made to your liking and skincare needs. Facial sessions are done to cleanse, exfoliate, refresh and nurture the skin for deep relaxation and nourishment. That's why we always use filtered alkaline mineral water in addition to our best quality products and techniques. Choose from five treatment offerings below. 


    Botanical Brilliance

    This is an instant refresher treatment as a one-time procedure, or in a series for optimum results.  

    Luminous You

    This facial features our customized protocols, uniquely tailored to your needs and skin type. All products with your skin type work in synergy to restore optimal skin health. Our apothecary of products are hand made from the highest quality natural blends.

    Breath of Life

    Need to edit this — The ultimate skin cell renewal and volumizing facial that enhances the skin matrix, giving skin an instant boost!

    Wholeness Center Spa | Facials Enhancements

    Facial Enhancements

    Designed to add that little extra perk that goes a long way — add any 1, 2 or more to your facial booking. 

    HydraFacial PERK™ Enhancements

    Enjoy the benefits of Perk. This unique hybrid system and technology gently removes surface level skin cells so you can shine. 

    HydraFacial™ Boosters

    These “bespoke boosters”  are award-winning super serums to address specific skin concerns.