with Janice Solomon, CCH


Homeopathy is a holistic method of healing that can improve your well-being. Holistic means the “whole” you is treated: your mind, body and spirit. Homeopathy is a distinct and complete method of healing based on the law of similars (like cures like). It can provide preventative health care and is complementary to conventional medical treatment.


Individual Sessions

Initial Consultation for Constitutional Care

90 - 120 mins | $497

We will talk about the areas in your life in which you would like to feel greater vitality and see improvements in your health. I will provide a safe, comfortable environment for your first consultation. All you need to do is share your story honestly at this time and have a deeply held desire to get well. After your first visit we will talk briefly on the phone to see how you are and if there is any other new information you would like to include.


Follow Up for Constitutional Care

30 - 60 mins | $247
After a long absense | $397

This is the time we assess together how you are doing. We know the remedy is a good match when your symptoms are less noticeable and less frequent and you are feeling better. We will meet 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation. Future follow ups are scheduled according to individual needs.


Acute Care

Acute Care is for sudden illness and injury.

First 15 minutes | $65
15-30 minutes | $130
30-45 minutes | $195
45-60 minutes | $247

Phone / Email:
1-3 Short Correspondences | $100
4 or More Longer Messages | $150-200


Comprehensive Homeopathic Care

6 Month Program
Paid in Full at First Appointment: $1,297
Paid in Installments: $1,400
($600 at First Appointment, 5 Monthly Payments of $160)

It can take more than one consultation and the recommendation of more than one remedy for your homeopath to ascertain the best remedy for your case. As a general guideline, one can expect to be in homeopathic care for about one month for each year one has been unwell. Chronic health problems take time to heal. This package would be helpful for a client deeply committed to shifting their ongoing issues and restoring and maintaining their improved health.

Initial Consult: 1.5 - 2 hours
4 Follow Ups: Up to 1 hour each
Acute care and brief phone and / or email correspondences

Continuing Homeopathic Care*

6 Month Program
Paid in Full at First Appointment: $997
Paid in Installments: $1,047
($397 at First Appointment, 5 Monthly Payments of $130)

*For clients wanting to continue their Comprehensive Homeopathic Care (available only to clients who have paid and completed Comprehensive Homeopathic Care).As improvements continue and a new sense of vitality and wellness are experienced many clients want to continue with their care. The Continuing Care package fits these client’s needs.

4 Follow Ups: 1 hour each
Acute care and phone, text, email correspondences