Wholeness Center Wellness | Kinesiology


Natural bioenergetics. 
A system that creates energetic flow.  

We offer Health Kinesiology which is a system of bioenergetic kinesiology that finds disturbed energy flow in the body and mind and corrects it. This helps you heal energetically from a large range of psychological, physical, and environmental issues.


Eliminate toxins. 
Overcome blocks. 

Using HK™ can help you to eliminate allergies, release physical toxicity, emotional traumas, overcome learning blocks, perform at your best, and more. 

Susan, your HK™ Practitioner, uses muscle testing and monitoring to identify the priority order of the energy balancing needed. We'll explore exactly what stresses are interfering with your well being, and which energy balancing methods can best serve you.

Meet Susan, your Wholeness Center Kinesiology practitioner.