Massage Therapies

Massage nourishes the body and relaxes the mind.


All massage offerings are available as individual services or pre-paid packs of 3 and 6 sessions.
With the purchase of a 3 pack, enjoy a 50% discount on the 3rd service
With the purchase of a 6 pack, enjoy your 6th service free.

Packages cannot be booked online - Please contact us to purchase.


Centering Massage

50 min | $115
80 min | $155
CBD Support 50 min | $150
CBD Support 80 min | $185

Melt away with our intuitive method of Massage Therapy that implements a blend of standard and advanced techniques with varying pressure that leaves you feeling blissful. For added relaxation, try our CBD Support Centering massage which uses CDB-rich hemp oil to provide relief from inflammation, pain, spasms, stress, anxiety and insomnia.
*CBD not available for pregnant women. Some clients may require written MD consent. Please call for info.

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Hot Stone

Basalt Stone: 80 min | $185
Pink Himalayan Salt Stone: 50 min | $150
Pink Himalayan Salt Stone: 80 min | $220

Basalt Stone: A tranquil, relaxing, healing experience that uses heat therapy to relax muscles & mind along with manual, targeted muscle manipulation. Hot towl finish with dry towel “brushing” to increase lymph flow.
Pink Himalayan Salt Stone: Warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains massage the body in specific combinations to soothe away tension, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and achieve a sense of emotional peace.

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Hot Stone Massage & Laminaria Treatment

50 min | $205

Treatment begins with dry brushing to stimulate lymph flow improve circulation, exfoliate and help firm skin. Then, a hot stone massage of the head, neck & shoulders warms and soothes tired muscles. Lastly, a revitalizing and hydrating application of 100% organic seaweed Laminaria Body Oil that restores nutrients and gently improves skins tone and vitality.

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Deep Tissue

50 min | $125
80 min | $185

A perfect choice for athletes or post surgery rehabers - when you need targeted work to address deeper layers of muscle tissue. Time is spent where you need it, not where you don’t.

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Craniosacral Centering Massage

80 min | $195

This massage includes a 60 minute Centering Massage with 30 minutes of Craniosacral technique - a subtle and gentle technique which relaxes, calms, and resets the body's nervous system from within. Effects can be immediate or gradual over time.
*Available with Brenda only.

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Body & Face Rejuvenation

80 min | $185

A complete body experience. Melt away with a full body, custom massage followed by a nourishing and refreshing petite facial. Facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask, facial & scalp massage. Specialty masks designed for intense hydration, brightening and / or firming are available for $20.
*Available with Christine only.

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Pre-Natal Massage

50 min | $125
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Relieve tension, pain and discomfort through bodily changes. Performed in a comfortable, fully supported, side-lying position that enhances lymph flow to reduce swelling and increase circulation.
*Must be 12 weeks minimum to receive this treatment.

Partner Massage

50 min | $250 and up

Moments are created together. Take the time for you and enjoy a session of relaxation together. Add-ons available.

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Express Services

Head, Neck, and Shoulders

30 min | $65

Melt away stress and tension with this targeted treatment of the head, neck, decollete & shoulders. A deeply relaxing experience that will positively affect the whole body in half the time.

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Foot, Ankle & Lower Leg

30 min | $65

A relaxing foot, ankle, and up-to-the-knee massage that gently addresses specific acupressure points while bringing on a deep relaxation. Lighter pressure than traditional reflexology.

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Back Intensive

35 min | $75
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A back massage that uses Essential Oils and hot basalt stones to free adhesions, release tightened muscles, drain stress, and achieve relaxation. Deep tissue & Myofascial techniques are used for a satisfying massage.


Massage Healing Enhancements

Restorative Treatment


Our Restorative Mineral Blend speeds up the healing process in muscles, helping to restore the original DNA structure. This hand crafted blend is rich in Ormus, Magnesium and Helichrysum boosting energy & immunity, reducing pain, stress and migraines, and relaxing muscles.

CBD 911


This treatment targets one area of your choosing to help to regulate the body's balance, or homeostasis. Incorporating our organic CBD extract infused with essential oils for pain relief while also reducing inflammation.



Our AromaTherapeutic Blends are a combination of pure Essential Oils and Vibrational Flower Essences that bring together both medicinal and energetic healing that work on deeper levels. Choice of topical application or breath/inhalation therapy to incorporate the healing benefits.

Invigorating Scalp Massage

10 min | $15

Enjoy the benefits of a soothing and deeply relaxing scalp massage paired with a stimulating essential oil to awaken the senses and soothe the soul as well as stimulate the sinuses.

Hot Stone Infusion

Basalt Stones | $15
Pink Himalayan Salt Stones | $25

Feel the benefits of Hot Basalt or Pink Himalayan Salt Stones as a targeted muscle tension relief enhancement to any one major area (back, legs, or arms, neck and shoulders).

Cold Stone / Hot Towel Face Massage

10 min | $20

Experience hot and cold therapy with this facial massage enhancement to tighten and smooth skin resulting in a healthy glow that also stimulates lymphatic flow and decongests sinuses.

Hand or Foot Treatment

15 min | $20

Hot towels, sugar scrub exfoliation, and rich cream massage.

Foot Works

10 min | $15

Focus on your feet with this relaxing foot massage add-on.