Wholeness Center Spa | Massage Treatments


Full body massages.
Out of body experiences.

Choose from our luxurious selection of wholistic massages that treat your physical body and put your mind at ease.  Our Spa Wellness Advisors and Therapists will ensure you receive a personalized treatment to suit your specific needs.


Self-care is no longer a luxury.

Massage Therapy is amongst the most sacred ways to care for yourself. Rather, it is a necessity.

A moment to tune into your own body and reconnect, re-balance, de-stress, work towards correcting a structural imbalance that causes pain, or just to feel awesome, there are so many benefits to having a massage.  


All bodywork massage sessions are held in sacred space, with experience enhancing salt lamps, aromatherapy diffusers, luxurious linens and warm bedding tables.

*Custom requests for non-aromatherapy room for sensitive Community Guests are welcome — please request upon booking.

Our Massage Therapists are carefully selected, fully licensed, highly skilled, and truly work from the heart in a disciplined, knowledgeable, and dedicated manner.  

We listen, and work strategically just for you and your needs.

Wholeness Center Spa | Massage Healing Enhancements

Golden Relief

Ormus is believed to restore original DNA structure. This property speeds up the healing process in case of any injury. It also prevents foreign matter from spreading and causing further complications in the body.

Essential Relief

Working with a plant's unique aromatic compound gives each essential oil its characteristic essence. Commonly used in aromatherapy, essential oils help to relax the mind and take the body on a awakening journey through the senses. 

Grounding Relief

Connecting to the Earth's natural energy can be done in many ways and the benefits are plenty. 

When you can't stand outside barefoot or enjoy a walk through nature, our Grounding Relief add-ons can offer relief from chronic pain and leave you feeling reconnected with life.