Our Philosophy


Wholeness Center is a community service space for personal care, development and wholistic living.

We believe there's always a call for choice, balance and flow within the human experience. That what's above, is also below. And what's within, will shine out.

We strive to create an inclusive environment where community members and guests relax, rejuvenate and learn techniques to heal for an improved and balanced lifestyle. 

We hold loving space and guide you to open to and remember your inherent Wholeness. We do this through an extensive list of healing modalities, spa services, community programming, and wellness products. 

We welcome all who desire to shed old skin and glow anew from the inside out.


Our Mission

Wholeness Center is the bridge that connects and balances the physical and spiritual worlds of healing and self care. 

Our mission is to make wellness and self-love living accessible to all beings. We believe an empowered community is the lighthouse for a progressive world.  

Thank you for your trust, support and presence.


Our Values



We hold a deep sense of service, connection and upmost benevolent energy to connect to and serve the needs of our guests and collaborators.


We approach every client experience as an opportunity to listen to the nuance of their human needs and soul desires. 

We help facilitate the process of healing by first listening. 

Premium Experience

We are passionate about the details that make a visit memorable, sacred and, ultimately, valued. We care about the quality of experience over everything else.



We continually explore new, professional approaches and credentials to wellness transformation. We bring our collective wealth of experiences and cultural understanding to our regional location.


We welcome all walks of life through our doors at Wholeness Center, and create an environment that’s safe, caring and conducive to learning and relaxing.

Community Connection

We honor the individual journey to empowerment and believe we are who we serve. We practice what we preach and share our experiences to uplift, cultivate and build trust within our community.


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