Sound Healing

With Irene Fahlander


The Himalayan singing bowls are powerful energy healers and harmonizers. The power of the bowls vibrations help to clear emotional blockages and release toxins. Sound sessions support stress reduction, deep relaxation, and stimulates your body’s healing. A more relaxed, meditative state allows for a healthier immune system.


Singing Bowl Session

75 mins | $120

Relax as the sound and vibration creates an entrancing healing energy to resonate with all your cells. All areas can be addressed using a variety of singing bowls and striking techniques.


Brain Wave Relaxation

30 mins | $60

This is a relaxing session which encourages your brain waves to move from beta to alpha or for some, theta. Leave feeling less stressed and more relaxed.


Brain Wave Detox

30 mins | $60

This session supports a decrease in frustration, anxiety, anger. The sound/vibration of the bowls encourages your brain waves to move from beta to alpha or possibly, theta.


Singing Bowl Reflexology

20 mins | $50

This is a very gentle session suitable for all ages, designed for general relaxation. You leave feeling more calm, with a greater sense of well being.


Chakra Balancing

60 mins | $100

The 7 major Chakras are gateways through which energy flows. The vibration of the bowls promotes the clearing of energy blockages so you leave the session with a greater sense of calm.


Couples Session

60 mins | $120

This aura cleansing, strengthening bowl supports the boundary around you as a couple.This is a very intimate experience that includes a Heart Chakra meditation and the playing of the Gong Heartbeat.