Our Vision

Inspired by the airy feeling of looking up into the clouds while resting on the dune sands of a beach, Wholeness Center is the perfect combination of what we call grounded ascension.

Bringing to life the feelings of spaciousness and relaxation, our goal is for every guest to sigh a deep exhale of relief and say "this is where I need to be" when walking through our doors.

We honor something higher than us as individuals, invoking charged energy within the space that leaves everyone feeling open, connected in nature and with a sense of belonging. 

Wholeness Center is where you come to remember we are safe and understood. It is designed to support your marveling and wandering the small expressions of what we're all truly made of. 

Welcome to a whole new wellness experience. 


Our Home

Known locally as the historic 'BeeAlive®' headquarters built in 1988, our building was created by visionary women for community business, healing and prayers.

Over thirty years later, we've renovated to embody designs that speak to our hearts and carry on the legacy of uplifting communities through women-owned business. 

With over 6,000 square feet spread between three-floors and 18 rooms, we are ADA wheelchair compliant and have non-gender biased bathrooms so all can feel welcome.   

Upper Level
The Light Floor

Inspired by light originating from the cosmos, our level is devoted to the uplifting energy of ascension. A call for the rising of self-love in all, this space answers to a higher being and touches the hearts of all who visit. Features: 

— Starlight Lounge
— Reflexology Lounge
— Luminous Lounge (spa party area)
— Salted Crystal Meditation Suite
— Stellar Steam + Sauna
— Spa & Skincare Suites
— Massage Suites 

Main Level
The Water Floor

Walking into the space, Community Guests are greeted with an open feeling of flow and connection due to our open layout main floor design. Every guest begins their activated journey of next level wellness and self-care from this space. 

— Creativity Room (art and workshop room)
— Connect Room (community conference room)
— Crystal Flow Space ("movement and workshop space)
— Flow Alcove (changing room area)
— Liquid Health Bar

Lower Level
The Earth Floor

Our ground floor serves exactly as it should — it's the roots to our community space and safe cocoon for guided exploration. Here, we use the multi-purpose space for workshops, events, yoga overflow, and more, planting the seeds for new opportunities regularly.  

— Community Wellness Clinic
— Embodied Lounge (wellness clinic waiting area)
— Grounded Space (multi-purpose activity space)


Other amenities and features: 

  • Wellness Clinic
  • High speed fiber-optic WI-FI
  • Filtered alkaline mineral water throughout and herbal tea
  • Healing crystals throughout
  • Retail gift shop
  • Wellness welcome area
  • Three (3) classrooms
  • Projector-ready conference room
  • Workshop and lecture room
  • Blankets, cushions and props for meditation, yoga and events

If you are interested in renting our space for private events, parties or services, or offering a workshop program, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! 

Our Neighborhood

Located just 25 miles north of Manhattan in the town of Valley Cottage, Wholeness Center is a safe haven for suburban and urban city-dwellers alike.

We are five minutes down the road from the Palisades Mall and the popular social shopping hub of the Nyack District. Come on over and stop by!