Experiential Spaces

Immersive and rejuvenating; It’s a multi-sensory experience.

Consider as a single spa selection or add-on to a package — you are sure to leave feeling purified, lighter and open to new wellness options. 


Infra-Red Sauna

30 mins | $15
Steam Room included in price

Average temperature approximately 160-200 degrees with humidity levels from approximately 5-30%. Dry Sauna is an excellent way to detoxify your body from everyday environmental toxins, boost the immune and cardiovascular systems, and relieve pain and soreness. It is also linked to increasing your metabolism and aiding in fat burn, providing glowing skin and better sleep. Not to mention the heat does wonders for nurturing the Spirit.

Steam Room

30 mins | $15
Infra-Red Sauna included in price

Average temperature approximately 110 degrees with 100% humidity. Relax in our steam room as the heat and humidity aids your body in unclogging pores, increasing blood flow, balancing oil production to help acne, speeding up your metabolism and removing toxins. The heat from the sauna also soothes your nerve endings and relaxes your muscles while helping relieve sinus pressure and asthma symptoms.

Crystal Salt Meditation Room

15 mins | Complimentary

Our salt therapy meditation room is a simple experience of sitting in a special space that recreates the conditions of penetrating salt treatment. Used to relax, gently detoxify the body, balance systemic pH and improve mineral status of the body. Enjoy before or after a treatment for total relaxation and reflection.