Wholeness Center Memberships


Skin VIP:

10% off any facial + a complimentary add-on
Add-On Options: Lymphatic Drainage, LED Light Therapy, High Frequency

Massage VIP:

10% off any massage + a complimentary add-on
Add-On Options: Aroma Therapy, Scalp Massage, Dry Rub with Steam Room / Sauna

Additional Monthly Membership Perks Include:
4 Complimentary Steam Room & Sauna sessions
10% off all products sold at Wholeness Center
20% off all products sold at Wholeness Center for your Birthday
(Excludes jewelry & accessories under $50)

How it Works:

The monthly membership amount of $125 will be charged to your account and is yours to use towards VIP packages, gift cards, or retail. As a member, you are eligible for 10% off all services. If your service is less than your account credit, the extra funds will roll over to your account for the following month. If your service is more than your account credit, you will pay the difference.


Membership FAQ

Can I let someone else use it?

Yes, if you are at the spa together. If you schedule a service with a friend or family member and come in for services at the same time, the membership prices will be extended to all of the appointments you reserved. Another way you can redeem your credit for another person is to purchase a gift card for them using your account credit.

Can I accumulate my membership?

Yes - any unrolled credit will roll over. You can accumulate up to $500 or 4 months' worth of credit to be redeemed towards services, products, gift cards or a special Spa Day. The credit is not eligible for cash refunds after it has posted to your account.

How do I pay?

For a hassle-free experience, we have set up automated withdrawls of your credit card or bank account on the same day of each month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No long-term contract needed! After your initial 6-month commitment is met, you will roll over into a month-to-month membership. If you wish to end your membership, once your 6 month commitment is met, simply provide us with 30 days notice and it will be stopped.